Monday, September 16, 2013



As some of you may know already, I’m working right now in Germany, that’s why I don’t have much time for painting, but soon my work is over here, I’m coming back to Poland and painting regularly.
Meanwhile, I found some time to finish my Caradryan model, aka Chosen of Asuryan.
Now I’m building a base for him.
Below you can see the first sketch, just my idea.
Right now there is some more work done already, but I’ll update it what I’ll come to painting.

Also, I’m working on my Secret Santa project.
Secret Santa – it’s an amazing event organised my forum members of, the community of High Elves funs. SS is a miniature exchange, 30+ members are preparing christmass gifts for a random selected user. I’ll not tell you where I’m going to send my SS gift, but I can share some photos with you;)

The base for my SS mini. It’s first time when I tried to make a waterfall effect, I’m quite satisfied;)
My idea was to place the high elf hero in the flowing river, let say ankle deep river.
The model itself is painted in 70% and as it’s a secret gift, I will not reveal yet more details;)

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