Sunday, October 20, 2013



I'm back from yesterday painting competition Hussar'13 which took place in Warsaw.
Great event, a loooooot of great works of art, truely Golden Demon level, maybe event higher in some categories.
My entry was my Chosen of Asuryan model with scenic base, now I can show you completed model;)
There were over 110 entries at Hussar, more then last year, so we can see a constant progress of skill, number of painters and their works as well as presence of our foreigner friends;)
I didn't even manage to get the honourable mention, but it clearly shows how strong the competitors were yesterday;)

Here is my entry from the Hussar'13 glass cabinet, Single Fantasy Category.

I will post the proper photos in my Gallery soon.

Here are all the finalists in all categories:

1. Grzegorz Kluska
2. Piotr Czajka
3. Michał Pisarski


1. Michał Pisarski „Witch Elf”
2. Artur Żołędowski „Kval Kartan”
3. Marián Hodas „Knightmare”
honourable mentions
Klaus Dorn „Fat guy in the woods”
Nadezhda Reka „Practice time”
Kirill Kanaev „Magus”
Krzysztof Kobalczyk „Inquisitor”


1. Artur Żołędowski „Snikrot”
2. Łukasz Grzyb „Nurgle Lord”
3. Jarek Drabek „Libra”
honourable mentions
Michał Pisarski „Chaos Space Marine”
Edwin Smoliński „Ultramarine Librarian”
Marián Hodas „Anathematic”


1. Stefan Johnsson „Rhinotaurus”
2. Karol Rudyk „The Hunting”
3. Adam Hałon „Wiedźmin”
honourable mentions
Krzysztof Kobalczyk „Dat Ass”
Piotr Czajka „Cyber Punk”
Marián Hodas „Persian Princess”


1. Klaus Dorn „Nurgle in the woods”
2. Łukasz Mrozek „Top Gunz”
3. Łukasz Grzyb „Meadow of Doom”
honourable mentions
Artur Żołędowski „Tinker-Belle”
Piotr Czajka „Girl and her Sentinel”
Mariusz Bieńczyk „Niemiecki żołnierz”


1. Karol Rudyk „Lords of Shadow”
2. Kirill Kanaev „Palladins squad”
3. Radovan Rybović „Imperial Guard Spec. Forces”
honourable mentions
Łukasz Grzyb „Raptors”
Łukasz Mazur „Chłopcy z Placu Broni”
Stefan Johnsson „Pink Horrors”

1. Marcin Kalbarczyk „Menck 154”
2. Piotr Czajka „Asuka”
3. Stefan Johnsson „Grot Tank”
honourable mentions
Tomasz Hanke „Ork Ultra Dredd”
Nadezhda Reka „Crimson Hunter”
Łukasz Grzyb „Czołg „Nosorożec” z zakonu Czerwonych Skorpionów”

Juliusz Brysik „Paszczak”

Stefan Johnsson „Rhinotaurus”

And the gallery:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chaos Dwarf Lord


I'm preparing to the Hussar Painting Competition at the moment, but few days ago I finished (well, based;p) my Chaos Dwarf Lord. Model comes from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures, I really like it, as all Scibor's Dwarves. Sadly he has no elves;)
It is my second dwarf ever, but I enjoyed painting him.
This is my level 3+.

Check out some photos:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm back!

Hi everybody!

So, I'm back home after 3 months in Germany and I started painting some new things already:)
But meanwhile, I would like to show your my new glass cabinet (sorry for the mess - I was finishing chaos dwarf lord, photos here soon).