Sunday, February 21, 2016

1st test Swordmaster

Good evening!

Sadly, warhammer as we all know is already gone, but with the 9th Age project my hope to play again with my high elves made me to think about new rosters and tactics.
Swordmasters seem to be really powerful option right now and I love it, they have always been my favourite unit and the first painted unit ever!:D
As you can imagine, the first-ever-painted minis never look good, so my old swordies don't match the painting quality, style and scheme with my army now.

As a short break from my mounted BSB project, I airbrushed yesterday evening the squad of 10 swordmasters and today I painted the 1st model, keeping my overall army color scheme, but with some different tones.

Please have a look;)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

WIP #1: mounted battle standard bearer

Good evening!

I've made some progress with my mounted BSB, I finished the base and the steed.
As a next step I'm going to paint the rider, however I want to paint some test models to my army also, so who knows when the next update comes:D

Please have a look:)