My private High Elves army

Here is my private High Elves army.
Whole army is painted in my blue-yellow color scheme with sea coast bases theme.
I'm using this army at WFB tournaments that's why I'm  using bright colors to make my army recognisable and outstanding from distance.
This section is divided into parts: Lords&Heroes, Core, Special and Rare units.


Mounted High Elf Prince with star lance

High Elf Archmage

Battle Standard Bearer of the Dragon Lord

Korhil / White Lions Champion

High Elf Lord on Steed

Blind Eltharion / Loremaster

Selafyn / High Elf Noble

High Elf Star Dragon (Wings need to be finished)


Ellyrian Reaver (1st Test model - unit in progress)


White Lions 

White Lions Unit Filler

Dragon Guards (Phoenix Guards)


Dragon Princes of Caledor
Tiranoc Chariot


Eagle Claw

 Frostheart Phoenix (still WIP)