Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wood Elf Lord on Great Stag

Here is my latest paintjob, a commission for my friend from our local gaming wfb club.
Very cool model to paint and makes a really really huge impression among common troops which made me to reconsider including HE noble on griffon or eagle in my army again. I basically like outstanding and big models!:D
After preparing my display base for Chosen of Asuryan (see in gallery) a lot of people asked me how I did waterfalls, so did my friend and obliged me to insert somewhere on his base a waterfall at any cost:)

Check out  some photos:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sisters of Avelorn

I've seen few days ago on some beautifully painted sisters of avelorn and I decided that I want them in my army painted at last!;)
So I did, my very speed painting record has been beaten, I managed to paint that unit just in 3 days and I'm happy how they turned out.
Unfortunately I've just some clone models, but they were very cheap on the other hand. I'll do the bases when I'll finally buy or find some cork and bark.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Road to master tournament


I'm preparing my army to the tournament which takes place in my hometown in PoznaƄ, Master class 2400ETC format. Oh, it starts tomorrow:D

This is a list which I'm taking tomorrow:

Archmage @ 280.0 Pts 
General; Magic Level 4; Lore of Heaven; 
Dispel Scroll [25.0] 
Khaine's Ring of Fury [25.0] 
Golden Crown of Atrazar [10.0] 

1 * Noble @ 157.0 Pts 
Halberd; Dragon Armour; Battle Standard 
Reaver Bow [25.0] 
Potion of Strength [20.0] 
Charmed Shield [5.0] 

5 Ellyrian Reavers @ 85.0 Pts 
5 Ellyrian Reavers @ 85.0 Pts 

5 Silver Helms @ 125.0 Pts 
5 Silver Helms @ 125.0 Pts 

18 Archers @ 210.0 Pts FCG 

27 White Lions of Chrace @ 431.0 Pts 
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Lion Cloak; FCG 
Banner of the World Dragon [50.0] 

25 Phoenix Guard @ 450.0 Pts 
Halberd; Heavy Armour;FCG 
Razor Standard [45.0] 

1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower @ 70.0 Pts 
1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower @ 70.0 Pts 
1 Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower @ 70.0 Pts 

1 Frostheart Phoenix @ 240.0 Pts

I found that event such like that is a great motivation to push the army painting level beyond the speed limit xD
I haven't had time (or just I was too lazy) to prepare movements trays for my units untill this very tournament, but atm I'm finishing painting the last 2 ones for my fast cav units;)
I'll take some photos tomorrow, how the army looks like together.

And, as it's mainly a painting blog, a little progress of my wood elf lord on stag commission:


And some photos from the event: