Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Last Alliance, huge 12k vs 12k battle sneak peak!


Well, 2 days ago we played a huge WFB battle, 3vs3 players, 4000 points per army, so it was LEGEN - wait for it - DARY, lagandary!!
Our theme was "The Last Alliance", forces of evil versus army of light. My High Elves stood arm to arm with army of Empire and Wood Elves against hordes of Orcs&Goblins, Chaos Dwarfs and Dark Elves.
The aim was to field only painted models, so we took everything we had, no matter how strong or weak our lists would be. I took even a unit of 28 Lothern Sea Guard! (who actually did nothing:D).
We decided to make a secret deployment with kind of barrier in the middle of the table, which was really good idea, as we deployed everything pretty fast, which could normally take a very long time.
It was my first really big battle and I was very impressed when I saw all that stuff on the table, ready for action.
We will write more soon and I will post a lot of photos here as soon as we gather all of them and edit.
Meanwhile, here is small sneak peak, have a look!

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