Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just a little kit-bashing

I built yesterday a new model of my annoited on foot/champion of my dragon guard unit which I'm gonna paint now too.
He is at the top of my "to-paint" list as I want to try a color scheme for my further dragon guards. I wanted to use NMM but it would be a suicide imo :(
That black "thing" in his left hand is a flame, I'm gonna use there a simple source lighting effect.

And I managed eventually to buy 2 days ago Aenur model in a very condition (I hate cleaning miniatures!). Considering that I'm gonna paint the phoenix guard unit with a standard table-top quality, my ego needs something better, kind of new challenge, that's why I decided to buy and paint Aenur with high quality this time.

Firstly, I want to play a little bit with light and also with delicate freehands and honestly, I can't wait to start it!;)
  I love this model, one of my the most favourite. Still wondering if I want to put him on scenic base or standard 20mm and using him from time to time as alith anar or shadow warrior champion :?:  :?:

I took some pictures from different angles to see how the light puts natural shades and highlights and I'm gonna follow this with my painting.

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  1. That kitbashed lord is very close to what I envisioned my annointed to be (still need to get to him anyway)

    The only thing I'd point out is that the halberd arm seems to be positioned a tiny wee bit too low from what the pictures show, but I think that will be different once the painting is done.